The Annex

Thank you to each and every one of you who gave to your community for the Annex project. You are helping us create a safe and fun space for our teens!

Jan M. and A. Dwight Abbott
Avadhesh Agarwal
Diane Albertoni
Janet Baszile
Dianne Bear
Edwin R. Berry
Nancy Brandel
Peter Brubaker – In Memory of Natasha Zaninovic
Oscar A Buchmann
Rod Burkley and Lauren Phan
David and Joanna Callaghan
The Campbell Family
Dave and Zoie Carney
Continental Development Corporation
Michael and Colleen Cotter
Coull Foundation
Sharon Fitz and Charles Crouse
Allen J. and Patricia G. Curtis
Janice d’Autremont
JoAnn and James Deflon
Ronald and Catherine DeFrees
Anne and Ray Destabelle
Jennifer Corwin Donahue
Terri Eisemann
Suzanne and Richard Farman
The William & Patricia Foltz Family
The Jacqueline Glass Family
Karen Gottlieb
Kathy and Don Gould
Byron & Tricia Grove
Chris and Barbara Hall
Victor J. and Mary Jo Hazard
David and Judy Hessick
Doug and Robin Hinchliffe
Roger and Jenny Hong
Eugene and Aileen Hoy
Beverly and Randy Iwasaka
Jennie and Raymond Jing
Jane and Jim Jones
Reggie and Kay Jue
Kenneth T. & Eileen L. Norris Foundation
Constance J. Kenny
Paul and Dottie Keye
Azadeh Khatibi
Chuck and Marylyn Klaus
Barnet and Eunice Krinsky
Hong Pyo and Julie Lee
Christina & George Legg
The Leimbach Families
Alice S Lin
Marilyn & Marvin Litvak
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Liu
Dick and Ruth Lohrer
Nancy Mahr
Ray and Diana Martin
Arthur and Cheri McAllister
Charles D. and Nancy W. McDonough
John and Caro Miguelez
Dave and Carol Milam
Cynthia and Norm Miller
Nell and Harold Mirels
Lloyd and Elaine Mistele
Lorraine E. Mone
James D. and Lois Moore
Paul and Kay Nibarger
Palos Verdes Woman’s Club
Robert and Sharron Parke
Loretta Patterson and Rolf Moeller
Ted and Pat Paulson
Phyllis Pelezzare
Marilyn and Kenneth Prindle
Ray and Anna Randall
Katherine Ann Rao
Donald A. and Dale Richards
Richards, Watson & Gershon
William E. and Catharine  Roberts
Philip Ross
Rotary Club of Palos Verdes Peninsula
Sharon E. Ryan
Scriba Family
Susan Seamans
Chuck Sears
Charles and Jean Shriver
Wayne & Barbara Smith
Dr. Ronald and Miriam Sommer
Whittier Trust
Debby Stegura and Larry Vanden Bos
Irene V. Steinman
Betty Field Strauss
Marcia R. Strong
Peter and Elaine Sweers
Aru Tamhane
R. and Susan Tittle
Kay S. Wardell
Sidney and Frances Wielin
Susan Negrete and Dr. R. Winston
Timothy and Cecilia “Cc” Yu

PVLD staff sent out requests to multiple construction company’s after the Friends raised the needed funds. They learned that the project was too cost-prohibitive for the rooftop location and too fraught with structural challenges. With great reluctance, PVLD made the hard decision to turn away from that first design and brainstorm other options at the Peninsula Center Library property that would give us the same results within a more affordable budget.

After reviewing a series of proposed options, PVLD staff determined the most viable area for a new Teen Annex would be to utilize a portion of the 4th-floor interior mezzanine level currently being used for quiet study. By using only a portion of this floor, we could create an interior Teen Annex of approximately the same square footage as the previously proposed rooftop design and at a fraction of the cost, while still leaving space for quiet study.

Staff has reviewed the location with the Board of Library Trustees and the Friends of the Library board members. The Trustees agreed to the proposed new location and directed staff to continue the construction bidding process. The drawings have been approved by the Rolling Hills Estates Planning Department and have been submitted to the LA County Building Department for plan check. We hope to get them approved by January 2022. Once the plans are approved, the library will create a Request for Proposal and solicit several construction bids. Construction is estimated to take approximately 8 months with a completion by Fall of 2022.

We want to thank all of our community donors for your patience and unwavering support for this project. We can’t wait to see this new Annex completed and know it’s going to be a wonderful addition to the library and an asset to the community and our patrons! Thank you for your patience!!