Literary Weekend


Literary Weekend

APRIL 28, 29 & 30, 2023


Author Patty Sullivan

Betty White’s Pearls of Wisdom

Life Lessons from a Beloved American Treasure

In Betty White’s “Pearls of Wisdom”, readers will find a more intimate look into Betty’s life as told through the eyes of Patty Sullivan, her lifelong friend and adopted family member. Patty met Betty in the late 1960s, and the Sullivans—Patty, her husband Tom, and their two children—enjoyed a rich relationship and amazing closeness through Betty’s final days. Through her stories we see Betty’s fun-loving banter over a game of Scrabble, her wisdom imparted on a moonlit Christmas sleigh ride, and her passionate advocacy for all members of the animal kingdom. Betty’s uncompromising values were the authentic core of the life she lived and savored—tasting every minute along the way.

Betty White’s “Pearls of Wisdom” gives you a glimpse into the personal relationship with the Sullivans and the pearls of wisdom she imparted that forever transformed their lives.

“…this is such a heartwarming read, to have the opportunity to share these amazing moments of one of the most loved Hollywood stars we have known, from a perspective of a friend and family, we get to know more about Betty White and how much of an amazing human being she was…”

Spend an evening with Patty & Tom Sullivan as they share intimate stories about their friend.

Cocktails & Hearty Appetizers • $75 per person for Friday evening
6:30 – 8:30pm • Malaga Cove Gallery & Garden

VIP seating at the weekend author events

“We all know Betty as an actress & animal lover, but this book showed us what it was like to simply be her friend. The author does a tremendous job talking about how their friendship came to be and gave little tidbits about Betty’s life, her 2 biggest loves, Allen & animals and showed her quick humor. This is a must read for any Betty White fans.”

“This book is a book that I savored, like Betty savored life, I took my time reading, and did enjoy her pearls of wisdom. It is a reminder that life is what you make it, she lived every minute of her life and she stayed true to herself. She was an inspiration.”


FREE & Open to the public (must register to make sure you get a seat)

11am – 12:30 pm • Peninsula Center Library

Jennie C. Linthorst • Founder, LifeSPEAKS Poetry Therapy

Poetry therapy is the intentional use of the written and spoken word for healing and personal growth. Poetry, literature, journals and song lyrics help individuals see themselves fully, and in time they come to experience the hidden facets of themselves.

The term “poetry therapy” is used inclusively to refer not only to the use of published and original poems but also to the interactive use of literature (bibliotherapy) and therapeutic writing (journal therapy).

1 – 2:30 pm • Peninsula Center Library

Mathieu Cailler • author, poet and teacher

Mathieu Cailler is the author of six books. His short stories, poems, and essays have appeared in numerous national and international publications, most notably in The Saturday Evening Post and the Los Angeles Times. He is the recipient of a Shakespeare Award, a Short Story America Prize, and a New England Book Festival Award. “Heaven and Other Zip Codes”, his debut novel and most recently published book, has been hailed “a postmodern masterpiece” by Midwest Book Review and was named the winner of the 2021 Los Angeles Book Festival.

3 – 4:30 pm • Peninsula Center Library

Geanna Culbertson • author of teen series Crisanta Knight

Fantasy author Geanna Culbertson leads a storytelling masterclass and tells a tale of never giving up and taking fate into your own hands with her 11 award–winning novels.


FREE & Open to the public (must register to make sure you get a seat)

10 – 11:30 am • Miraleste Library

Deborah Paul • author

Deborah Paul’s 5 children’s books are inspired by real people who have left an indelible mark on the quiet display of simple human kindness.

1:30 – 3 pm • Peninsula Center Library

Francesca Lia Block • author

Francesca Lia Block, novelist and screenwriter. You will leave the seminar with the tools to structure or restructure your novel, screenplay or short story.

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