Lianne & Friends Host Events the Second Friday of Every Month

Mark your calendars for these exciting Lianne and Friends events brought to you by Lianne LaReine:

April 12th- Anthony Pirozzi Jr.; Port of Los Angeles Harbor Commissioner, has a long career with Boeing.   Anthony was appointed to the Los Angeles Board of Harbor Commissioners by Mayor Eric Garcetti and confirmed by the Los Angeles City Council on October 8, 2013. He has worked for the Boeing Company for 26 years, building and launching communication satellites.

May 10th—Kea Johnston—Egyptologist; Kea obtained Bas in both Computer Science and Biology from Brown University in 2005, thought she maintained an interest in Egyptology through her undergraduate studies. While at Brown, she was invited to go to Egypt as an epigrapher with the Brown/AUC expedition to the Abu Bakr Cemetery at Giza in 2005. Having been a software engineer for a decade, she is currently working towards a PhD in Egyptology.

June 14th—Gerald (Jerry) Blackburn; founder and CEO of Tinkers Corner LLC a STEM education resource company. He is also the Past President and Executive Advisor of the Aerospace Legacy Foundation here in California developing historical preservation and outreach projects. Gerald will be discussing potential possibilities in Aerospace—predictions for the future.

July 12th—Everette Hoard the Commodore at the Queen Mary in Long Beach; Everette will be sharing art and architecture of the Queen Mary.

August 9th—Karie Bible, Actress, tour guide, Hollywood historian.

September 13th—Robert Broski—Abraham Lincoln Presenter; Robert will be doing the presentation “Lincoln Lives”.

October 11th—Karen Kaufman Feder—Book author, archivist, costumer, showgirl authority; Karan will be discussing her book “the Folies Bergere” and her extensive knowledge about showgirls, shows and Las Vegas. Please see the link to her books.

November 8th—Dr. David M. Duffy, Dermatologist will be discussing “Beauty of Today and Beauty of Tomorrow”. Dr. Duffy will discuss what is available today for our health and beauty as well as predations and expectations for the future. Here’s a link to his website

December 13th- George Geary – Culinary expert – Author, expert in many, many aspects of the culinary industry.  Will focus on his book, L.A.’s Legendary Restaurants though he has many books as you will see here.  Here’s his impressive body of work: